Increase Your Sales With Engaging Quiz Funnels

Quiz Funnels That Convert

Increase Your Sales With Engaging Quiz Funnels

Quiz Funnels That Convert


¿How does it work?

We analyse and define the data points that influence the consumer behaviour.

We create engaging quizzes. The interaction between the active users and our quizzes begin.

We analyse the results of the quizzes and match them with your offers. The engaged users have now appealing offers and the right mindset to take action.

About Us

We are an agency part of JustClick Media Group, specialised in creating quiz funnels that generate leads and sales. Our exclusive partnerships with over 500 publishers, plus our 10 years of experience in performance marketing and our expertise in digital programmatic buying, are the ideal way to distribute our specialised quizzes.


We want to create active users that interact and provide them with the best user experience possible. The only way to achieve this is by listening to what they want, receiving their feedback. With this data, we’ll be able to identify their needs and we’ll succeed in finding the right offer for them. If we listen to what they want, they will get what they need. The traffic you’ll receive will convert because they decided to land there.

Our Quizzes

Why Are Quizzes Important?

Nowadays what is more important than having accurate data? It’s even more valuable if it comes directly from your audience’s responses. Quizzes are a powerful tool that help you create dynamic feedback in a subtle way. The users that take quizzes are engaged and ready to give their opinion in exchange for appealing information. With the right approach, your audience will have a rewarding learning experience while giving important data that will help to create a better marketing strategy. The quizzes provide endless possibilities to discover specific information in order to generate the results you are looking for.